Intelligence Gathering

Our team of specialists utilizes noteworthy insights from genuine sources to guarantee that your funds and/or assets are retrieved and redirected back to you the legitimate proprietor.

Crisis Management

Our team incorporates criminological and forensic specialists who utilize state-of-the-art innovative techniques in recouping your assets via trailing and tracking down your funds transfer, be it, Western Union, MoneyGram, PayPal, Cryptocurrency, Wire Transfers and every single other type of installments.

Risk Management

We thread safely by inspecting and breaking down each choice with eagle's eyes so the dangers included are limited as much as could reasonably be expected. Our specialists realize when to remain on the ropes and when to go hard and fast!

Cyber Team

We also have a team of professional ethical cyber specialists who function carry out highly technical computational procedures which allow us track and trail transactions as well as track down identities thus bringing positive feedbacks to our clients.

Investment Consultation/Advisory

Our indebt understanding of the complexities of several financial investment endeavors such as Binary Options, FOREX, Cryptocurrency Trading, and Mining e.t.c., affords us the latitude to also provide investment advisory services. Our personalized guidance is not limited to those who which to re-invest with their recovered funds but also, new investors who prefer to tread carefully.

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